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"Your Eyes Here
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***Homewatch Service & Management for seasonal residents and property owners while their homes are vacant.***
***Serving Manatee County, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, West Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch***

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What Is Protection Property Watch?
     Frequent home visits (usually weekly) of your seasonal or vacation home can help prevent costly repairs and unpleasant things from happening to your home while you're not there. We are "your eyes here while you're away." Ranger Service or watching a home with weekly checks can save you a lot of money and hassle. We are a private, personalized service. Protection Property Watch inspects seasonal homes, vacation homes and vacant rental properties with the expert eyes of Jon Kent. We answer the question... “Who cares for your home while you’re not there?” We do!

Jon Kent, vacant home manager
Jon Kent
     Hi, I'm Jon Kent and I've seen what happens when a home is unoccupied and the air conditioning system fails. Or, there's a plumbing leak or a simple clog in the air conditioning condensate drain? Can you say MOLD?! Man, I've seen it happen and it's not pretty. I remember one case where all the drywall in the home became permeated with mold and had to be replaced at a cost of THOUSANDS of dollars, and insurance didn't cover the damage!. Maybe the pool's water level becomes too low and the pump runs dry. There's another big expense! These homeowners could have avoided expensive problems like these by having someone check the inside and outside around their homes often enough to make sure everything was okay. Well, that's where I come in!
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     Some of you long time residents may remember, back in the 90's, I provided a "home check" service to many of my seasonal Fat Cat Carpet Cleaning customers. These folks would be away from their homes sometimes for many months. Others were Florida residents that lived in Tampa, Orlando, or Lakeland and were not in their vacation homes for weeks at a time. They often found it was very helpful having someone they could trust watch over their homes and make sure things were ok. I got away from the home check service when I sold the carpet cleaning company in 2001 and resumed my career as a real estate broker here in Manatee County. After a real estate career spanning two decades, I now want to help homeowners care for their Florida homes while they are away for the summer.
     A couple of my favorite customers mentioned to me their need to have someone look after their homes when they were not there. They realized all sorts of problems can occur when they're out of town. These folks appreciated the fact that I would always help them anytime they called. But, sometimes they hesitated to ask for my help because I would not accept any payment. (They didn't want to abuse me!) These nice people suggested I start a company to provide this service and charge them so they wouldn't feel bad about asking for my help. How great is that?!
     All of a sudden I remembered my old Home Watch service I had 20 years ago! I recalled how my customers really liked my service and how helpful it was to them. BINGO! It's a no-brainer! This service is really needed nowadays and I can help my friends & clients have peace of mind while they're not here!
Jon Kent, Manatee County vacant home manager
Who cares for your Florida home while you’re away for the summer months?
Well, someone should be!

Many bad things can happen to your home while you’re away for the summer and your home is left unoccupied. You could have storm damage, a water leak or even an air conditioning breakdown. Then you could have expensive repairs and worse—mold! Even MORE expensive to fix. Well that’s where I come in!
My service is Protection Property Watch. I provide an affordable, private, personalized home watch service to help ensure you don’t come home to serious, expensive problems.
I will inspect your home inside and out each week and report to you weekly. If something is not right, you’ve got me here to help.
Have peace of mind and keep a small problem from becoming a big expensive one! Call me today at 941-920-0832 and we can talk about your needs for this summer.
Protection Property Watch is born!
     My service is for homeowners who spend periods of time away from home and no longer want to worry about their property while away. I also serve those folks who want some protection while away on vacation. Click on the Services Offered Link to see what we do.

Ranger Service – “Oversee & Protect”
Trusted Vacant Home Manager – Help Keep Your Property Safe & Secure!
Click on What Can Happen to see examples of what can occur to your home while you’re away.
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